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It’s amazing how different children can be! Christopher will happily sit there for hours with a sticker book where he is supposed to match and place one sticker in each place. The theme doesn’t matter, but each sticker must find its home. Benjamin really couldn’t be bothered. Pictures are nice, but he doesn’t care where they go.
This book from Klutz is the first sticker book that has really kept Benjamin entertained. We were on a plane flight, and I pulled it out, hoping to keep him quiet and distract him from the temptation of kicking the seat in front of him. One page kept him busy the whole 2-hour flight. He created birds – birds with hats, birds with dragon tails, birds with funky beaks, birds with rain boots, birds with leggings – and each one of them had its own story to tell. Yes, finally, a book that is open-ended enough for even Benjamin! And there’s so much more than birds that we never really had a chance to explore… we’ll save it for the next flight.

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