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Yes, ABC Leksaker is slowly growing – now nearly 3 years old! In child-terms, I guess we are walking and talking, but still in relatively simple sentences. In company terms, it means that the days of stand-alone computers are nearing an end… and that I no longer have time to do it all. We will now have a part-time accountant to help with the bookkeeping, which means a new computer, a semi-networked office – and best of all – a networked printer. Up until now, Karin and I have been sharing the printer in a ”tennis shoe network” – the kind where you unplug the cable from one computer, walk it over to the other computer, and plug it in. Until now, file sharing has meant handing USB memory sticks back and forth. But now, we feel really grown up!

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Yes, it seems as though our discount codes can live forever on the internet. Way back when, in September of 2006, we had a discount code for a 10-day period for the faithful readers of our newsletter. I don’t know how it happens, but now, nearly 3 years later, we still get the occasional customer who tries to order using that code… and can’t understand why it doesn’t work…

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