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One more entry from one of my favorite blogs which encourages parents to let children be children –

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Being a web-based business keeps me on the edge, or so I like to think. I read an article recently (in a good old-fashioned paper newspaper) about the different browsers available – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, so I’m trying them out. It is hard to switch, so I decided to give each one a whole day so that I could really evaluate them well. Old habits die hard, so I figured I needed to break my old habits in order to really see what was possible. That was my plan, in any case. i’m afraid I only made it through 2 hours with Firefox before I decided it was time to try something else, and I was wondering if I would find some feature to tip the scales away from my old standby, IE. 

But surprisingly, I did find something. Google’s Chrome is my new favorite, and I have now switched. Chrometakes away a lot of the unnecessary buttons, and gives a crisp, clean interface. It also has only one field for either internet addresses or google searches – which streamlines the process of getting to the page you want. 
I thought I would check on you all – the visitors to ABC Leksaker – to see where you fall. 74% of you use Internet Explorer, not surprising. 17% are using Firefox, 4% are using Safari, and less than 1% are using Chrome. And a few of you are using a host of other browsers that I’ve never even heard of – Opera, Mozilla, Netfront, Camino, SeaMonkey – maybe I wasn’t as ”on the edge of technology” as I thought. 
In any case, it is fun to try something new – you might find something you like!

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A new article in the New York Times promotes the value of play over academics, especially in the early school years – something Sweden seems to already know. So, while we Americans are tempted to cram knowledge and learning into our children, it seems as though good play will do the trick. (This is especially reassuring for me, since my nearly 8-year-old can’t yeat read!) Anyway, it makes an interesting read, and promotes the values we believe in at ABC Leksaker – namely that children grow through playing, especially imaginative play. Read the actual article here:

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