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We are participating in a contest on BarnNet – we will be giving away one Radio flyer trehjuling to a lucky winner, plus four Bilibo to the next four winners.

But it was interesting… I got the first draft of the contest last week, and the last question had me stumped. ”Please help ABC Leksaker find a new slogan. Fill in your best idea here.” I had no idea we were looking for a new slogan – in fact, we’re quite happy with ”ABC Leksaker – Kreativa leksaker för lekfulla barn”, so I asked them. And you know – there’s a reason for everything. Apparently, the lucky winner can get stuck for income taxes on the value of the winnings… UNLESS they do something creative that helps the company, like writing a new slogan, or motivating why just they should win. Karin was also surprised, but mentioned that all other contests now make sense. 
Anyway, since we don’t really need a new slogan, all you have to do to enter the contest is to ”motivate” why just you should win, in 15 words or less. (Think of it as a mini-tweet, for those of you who have been hearing altogether too much about Twitter!)

You can find the contest BarnNet on: www.barnnet.se – it’s a great site that lists products by type and manufacturer, not just by name or product number. It is a different take on the web market, and one that is needed and appreciated.
See the products here: 

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