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We just received these adorable toys from Manhattan Toys new line – BabyVille. Babies love to look at faces – and these wonderful toys give babies plenty of other babies to look at – with a variety of happy, funny and silly expressions. These toys also have wonderful tactile details – crinlkes, ribbons, flaps and textures – that babies love.

Check out these six great new toys –

And you can see all of our toys from Manhattan (except Groovy Girls) here: Manhattan Toys

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Yep – the Quadrilla kulbana is now back in stock, after a rather long absence. We sold out just before Christmas, and the re-order took a while since the manufacturer was also sold out. But as I was logging everything in, a bit of the financial crisis jumped out… Not only did the manufacturer raise prices, but the Swedish crown has also fallen significantly in relation to the Euro… making Quadrilla quite a bit more expensive – 30-50%. The only benefit – since our order was large, the shipping costs per product went down. We’re trying to keep prices reasonable… but sometimes the outside world intrudes…

Even though it costs more, Quadrilla is still a great product, and my favorite of the marble runs from the Toy Fair in Germany. Two years ago, I really researched them, trying to find the best one, and I still haven’t found better. It is stable when built, it is cleverly color-coded, and the building possibilities are extensive. We have a ready-built Twist in the warehouse that is glued together. We have taken it to several public fairs (like Underbara Barn) and parents have had to – literally – pry their children away from it.

It isn’t for small children, and works best for 5 and above. (We joke that it is a really good dad toy!) My personal favorite is the Twist & Rail, which has both the helix from the Twist set and the Fill-and-Spill from the Rail set.

You can see all the Quadrilla marble runs here: Quadrilla Kulbanor

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