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So on Friday, we had playdate afternoon, and each of the threesome had a friend over to play – total of six kids. So as I hovered around, trying to make sure that nobody got their feelings hurt (the guests, in any case) I was standing in our ”anything goes” room with four boys and a few balls.
”Look, mom!” says Benjamin, tossing a (foam) baseball and swinging with his (foam) bat.

Now my son has never really played baseball, but he has a strong swing and excellent follow-through. Since I was standing right behind him, I got the full impact of his follow-through, right in the face!
I am relieved to report that the bat works. Though it didn’t feel wonderful and I wouldn’t recommend getting hit in the face with a baseball bat, it really didn’t hurt all that much, and my face is still the same size, shape and color it was before.

Don’t worry – we have ordered more bats and they should be here this week – in plenty of time for warmer weather.

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