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We’ve been waiting for months… and finally we received our delivery of Blokus and Blokus Duo. Blokus, Blokus Duo and Blokus Trigon are all wonderful games – simple to learn, hard to master and challenging to win!
When we were on sportlov with the kids, David (43) and I (also 43) and Annika (9) had a chance to play Blokus Trigon. David doesn’t usually play games, but when he does, he plays to win. The first game was won by Annika – much to his disappointment – and the second was a three-way tie. (The only problems with the Blokus games is that they almost have to be played by the right number of people – 4 for Blokus and Trigon, 2 for Duo – in order to force a win-lose situation. Otherwise it is often possible for everyone to play all of their pieces.)

So back to age recommendations – 9 is fine. I think the boys (7 and 5) would have had a hard time with Trigon, but would have been great with the regular Blokus – squares are easier to manage than the triangles!

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