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I came across this fun article in Parents magazine – how to fold a towel animal. WikiHow.com has instructions here.

All you need are a bath and hand towel – and a bit of luck!

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We finally got our shipment of Dig-A-Dino products – these have been very popular – so popular, in fact, that the supplier was sold out before Christmas. On Monday, we got our long awaited delivery. So – in with the dinosaurs… until we noticed that almost all of the boxes had been opened by the supplier (to put an information sticker on the products), and in opening the shipping cartons, the supplier sliced through almost every one of the dino kits. We went through the shipment and managed to salvage 12 undamaged products… out of 72! So one box in and five back to the supplier. Bummers.

It is always a problem with a web store. If people came into the store, saw the product, assessed the damage (because it is really only cosmetic – the product inside the box is fine), and then decided to buy the product anyway… well, that works. But we cannot knowingly send out a damaged product to a customer. So back they go, and we will wait a bit longer for the rest of our dinos.

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