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A New Supplier!

We are delighted to welcome Wild Republic to our product range! We just got in a huge delivery with lots of fun things – mostly dinosaurs – and now we will be busy putting things online. So what’s new?

For starters, we got some fantastic stuffed animals that double as handpuppets. We like handpuppets that aren’t JUST puppets. Our current range of Fiesta Crafts puppets have legs and soft bodies, so they could double as dolls. And our new stuffed animal handpuppets are the same. Check out this adorable triceratops – I never thought of triceratops as particularly cuddly, but this one is!
And I will have a hard time keeping my hands off this cute iguana (again, cute not being a word I would normally associate with iguanas…).

And after losing our Safari Limited ”Toob” range, we have a new series that is even better! Though Wild Republic doesn’t have as broad a range of tubes as we had before, our favorites are back – farm animals, baby animals, space and dinosuars. And even better – the ”tubes” are actually plastic bags with a zipper and a handle – perfect for storage and travel!

Now that we are growing, it is useful to have some way to store and display things, even though we don’t have a real shop for people to visit. With the new tubes, we got a full display rack – what a deal!

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