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After half a day on Thursday and a whole day on Friday looking at nothing but toys, toys, toys, Karin and I are ready to attack the halls one more time. We have a short list, we have a plan – but mostly we will wander the halls, getting inspiration and ideas. Yesterday, we started the morning at 9am with Hall 3 (of 12) and by the time we finished, lunch had come and gone.

It is hard to plan ahead – our trick seems to be in bypassing the enormous booths and finding the ”nuggets” – the tiny booths sandwiched between others, with a fascinating group of products that most pass over. Or in finding a great range of products tucked in among hundreds of others that all look the same. It might be a one-guy booth with a table and a few things stuck on the wall, which on closer inspection turns out to be a truly great idea (we found one of these yesterday!). Or it might be a range within a supplier we already know.

Many of ABC Leksaker’s most innovative products have come from past visits to this fair – Quadrilla, Automoblox, Adora, Scratch-Magic– and we hope to bring you many, many more!

Of course, our feet are tired, our shoulders are drooping from the weight of the catalogs we have amassed, and our eyes are somewhat glazed from visual overload. One more day. And then we have a migration planned to Starbucks for a celebratory coffee-and-catalog review.

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