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We have just put these charming toys online – rattles and balls that are crocheted. The soft colors and wonderful textures are sure to keep your child happy and engaged! They all come from Sebra, a Danish company with new and fresh designs.

Direkt länk till skallra – blomma

Direkt länk till bollar

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We bought Wacky Track for our Thomas the Train set many, many years ago in the USA, and it is the one piece of track that is consistently part of our track layouts. Children (and grown-ups) can’t always make the track layouts come out right – it is hard to get the right amount of turn and length to always ensure a functional track that trains can drive on. Wacky Track is a great solution. It bends and flexes to join up most layouts.
We have tried for a couple of years to source this product, and FINALLY have found it and can make it available to you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

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