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One of the best baby gifts I ever received was a set of foam blocks, given to me by a British friend when Annika was born, more than 9 years ago. These blocks have seen it all. They have been in the bathtub and the sandbox, and some of them have survived winter cold, summer heat and the added indignity of small teeth. Some are a bit faded (the poor ones who survived a few winters in the sandbox) and some do have teeth marks, but they still remain one of the best toys we have ever had. I remember sitting on the floor and building tower after tower with 9-month-olds, only to have my wacky constructions knocked down again and again to the accompaniment of baby giggles. Or building fences for make-belive zoos… our houses for pretend animals…
But I thought we were done. My baby is now 5 1/2, and it seemed like it was time to move the blocks into retirement. But no sooner had I shifted them towards the door had my 7-year-old rediscovered them and brought them back into the mainstream again. So I guess we will have them for a few more years…
I searched for the same blocks to offer in ABC Leksaker, and finally found them. These foam blocks are great additions to any toybox. They are light and don’t hurt if thrown. They are quiet and don’t make a big crash. But best of all, they are ”sticky” and don’t slide easily past each other, giving creative construction a whole new dimension! Great – and great fun!

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We gave Christopher (age 5 1/2) the Oskar & Ellen Världskartan for Christmas this year. We started with just the map and the animals. leaving the flags, monuments and people for a later date. The detail on the map is excellent, and the map key (included) is really useful to point out the rivers, mountains and other details.

Now you might not think a map makes a great surprise under the Christmas tree, but Christopher was thrilled. He immediately donated his ski pole to hang it (note: it helps to have an 80cm pole for hanging) and set about putting all the animals in the right place. The map now hangs proudly in his room, and he makes sure all the animals are in the right places, moving a few around (the moose from Sweden to Canada and back again) just to make sure he has everything correct. If an animal falls off or ends up in the ocean, he comes running to check where it should be.

As a parent, I’m thrilled with the quality of the map, and the level of detail will be great from now (age 5) through the early teen years. It actually sparked a family discussion, since Annika (age 9) couldn’t name the continents…

Direkt länk till Världskartan

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