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Santa’s List

So… what’s are my children getting for Christmas this year? It is a bit difficult, since they are in the shop/warehouse often, and have a pretty good idea of the product range. Since they don’t know about the blog, I’m pretty safe in letting you know what they have coming to them – just don’t tell!

Christopher (5) has been begging for a ”cook” outfit for weeks. Every time he comes to the office, he asks for one, and wants to try it on. So far, I have been able to hold him off, but I think one might find its way under the Christmas tree… perhaps with some baked goods to go with it.

He has also been the ”map king” at his dagis, drawing world map after world map, and is fascinated by the continents. I think the wonderful Världskartan from Oskar & Ellen might be just the thing for his room. I don’t think he gets the flag concept yet, but the animals will make a nice addition. We can always add the other sets later.
Annika (9) will get a new room this Christmas. She is – quite understandably – tired of the Noah’s Ark wallpaper that we chose for her before she was born (and before we knew if she would be a girl or a boy). She wants a pink room that is either High School Musical 3 or horses… we discussed it and since she wouldn’t want a HSM1 room now, she agreed that the lifetime of a HSM3 room would be limited. So we are going for the horses. I have my eye on some wall stickers that will be perfect.

Otherwise, she has her eye on an Adora doll

Benjamin (7) is the hardest to shop for, since he prefers couch cushions to toys. But this year, I think Creatiles will be perfect. Even though they are intended for slightly younger children, I think they will be perfect for him. He is always building houses for animals – real, stuffed and imaginary – so Creatiles should be great.

And of course, I’m looking for a reason to add a fort or pirate ship under the tree… and perhaps a few more games…

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