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Super Clay

I helgen lekte mina pojkar med Super Clay, det är en jätterolig lera. Den kladdar inte på underlaget eller på händerna. Pojkarna kom på att om man rullar bollar med dom och slänger på golvet så studsar dom, alltså en studslera……

Min äldsta son försökte banka en bit lera platt med sin panna……….då fastnade leran i håret så det rekomenderar jag inte. För övrigt kan jag varmt rekomender leran, den är verkligen super bra. Om man vill torka en figur man har gjort så låter man leran ligga framme under natten så torkar den och känns nästan som frigolit.
Vill man spara lera så lägger man den i en plastpåse så håller den jätteläng.(obs lägg en färg i varje påse, annars fastnar dom i varann).

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Circular Logic

We just received some adorable new umbrellas (with matching backpacks) and were preparing to put them online. But we just wanted to double-check how much the freight would be – a Posten ”paket” is much more expensive than a ”stort brev”. So I found out… that if the umbrellas are packed in a mailing tube, they can be sent as a ”stort brev” for a reasonable price – but only if the tube is round. If the tube is exactly the same length but square, then it can’t be sent as a letter, and must be sent as a package, which costs more than twice as much. Really. If you were Posten, would you rather have a bunch of round tubes rolling around, or would you rather have something you can stack easily? Go figure. Anyway, now we have umbrellas AND round tubes so we’re ready! Enjoy the next rainy day –

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What a Difference!

I must admit that we stick with what we know… so when it was time to get shelves for our warehouse, I went straight to IKEA. Our old friends surround us now – Expedit, Billy, Ivar, Journalist – and they are as practical as ever. But we needed something more specific for a few of our products, so I went over to a real ”store outfitting” store. What a wonderful place! They had so many solutions for just about any kind of store that I was completely fascinated. I could easily have spent a couple of hours poking around in there, imagining creative solutions for display and storage… Anyway, the result is clear – just look at how happy our hand puppets are to have their own space!

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I går bakade jag och Albin ( 5 år) Vi använde dom superfina formarna från Toysmith.

Dom blev fantastisk fina och Albin tog stolt med sig underverken till dagis imorse och skulle bjuda sina vänner.

I förpackningen med formar finns det receptkort på engelska, med engelska bakmått och fahrenheit grader. Jag bakade en vanlig sockerkaks deg, det räckte mer än väl. Ugnen värmde jag till 175 grader. Muffinsarna var inne i ca 10 minuter och resten 15 min ungefär. Man får lov att känna med en sticka.

Med lite färgad glasyr och strössel blir dom jättefina.

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Baka ännu mer……

I helgen bakade jag bullar till en fotbollsturnering, jag anväde dom superfina formarna från Kalasform. Jag använde kamoflage formen (jag har två killar hemma).

Formarna är suveräna, lite stadigare i formen än vanliga formar. Man behöver dock två förpackningar för en vanlig bullsats. ( jag kunde iochförsig gjort dom lite större).

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I spent a bit of a rainy Sunday in the office/warehouse with Christopher (age 5). I just wanted to count how many shelves we needed to order for the new space we are taking over, and the weather was so horrible that I thought Christopher needed a break from the house. My counting was done in 5 minutes, but Christopher saw some boxes, and started ”working”. Armed with a cart and a toolbelt, he took it as a personal challenge to clear the entryway of all the boxes of RoomMates (one of the many products which have not yet found a good home in the warehouse). Needless to say, Monday morning was a challenge as we tried to pack weekend orders. Jungle Stickers? Hmmm…. We found boxes in more than six different locations, and had to really search for the products that we knew were there, but we just couldn’t find!

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Getting Organized

We are taking over more and more of the space we currently occupy – and it feels great! We are always so excited about new products that we forget to think about where they will go when they are delivered…. We’ve been greeting every delivery with a groan as it means more boxes to trip over. But now – we’re ready! As soon as we get everything in place it will be great.

Here’s the first of the new shelves – and finally a place for all of our wonderful Melissa & Doug toys. M&D is one of our favorite American suppliers. Their wooden toys are favorites throughout the US, and they are slowly making more of their range available in Europe. Check them out online – click here!

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