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I love the Bacladi/Dushi products. I guess I should ”go with the flo” as they say on their home page and really move away from their original name, Bacladi, to their new choice, Dushi… but old habits die hard. Anyway, they have had a wonderful series of products in their range which are finally available.

The ”mom and baby necklace” is a real treat. I can remember that when my three were small, I don’t think I wore a necklace for about 8 years for fear of it getting broken by small hands. This necklace is fun and colorful – it won’t get you on the fashion pages at the latest formal event – but it should be great for everyday play and wear. Just pick your favorite character (Dunk, Rabbit, Chick or Flo) and you and your child are ready to play.

Their new activity toys are also great – colorful and charming, with lots of textures and colors to attract the eye. The ”Edu Chick” gets my vote for most original!

And finally, who could resist their toy boxes – again, just choose your favorite character and you are ready to solve clutter in a charming way. The details are wonderful – legs, tails, wings or feet adorn the edges, giving them an original look that can’t be beat.

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