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A Full Work Week

I really like my work, and enjoy being able to put time into the company. But it seems as though it has been AGES since I have worked a full (part-time) week. Of course there was the summer holiday, but even before that it seemed like someone was always sick or had a planning day.
This season started off three weeks ago – I thought the kids would be back at school, but little did I know… Benjamin started on a Monday with a planning day, and then was sick on the Wednesday. Christopher had a planning day that Friday, and was then sick the following Monday. I managed to catch what the kids had and was home on the sofa (with my laptop) on Tuesday and Wednesday. Then Annika was home this week for four days. Thank goodness for Karin!

At some level, we always get the basics done. We send out the orders and we manage to pay the bills. Accounting is also up there on the list, not for fun, but because it has to be done.
And there are always a few things manage to slip through the cracks. I think our phone message still wishes everyone a happy summer, but we haven’t had a chance to change it. Our ”Veckans Vara” sometimes is more like a ”Månadens vara” if we don’t get time to change it.

And of course, there are all our new ”osmosis” products – the ones that we have in the warehouse, but haven’t put online yet. You would have to be a mind-reader to even know that it exists!

And then there’s all the extra stuff that we really want to do – send out newsletters, write press releases, blog a bit more, change the home page…

Maybe next week will be better.

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