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A New Friend?

We are trying to stock up after the long summer, and this morning, within 15 minutes, we received deliveries from five different companies, including 3 pallets. At one point, we couldn’t come or go – there were so many boxes in the way! We’re in the process of expanding the space we have, and will soon have a much bigger warehouse, a nicer place to sit, and a showroom that isn’t just a stack of more boxes. Karin and I spend a bit of each day dreaming of how it will be to get just a little more space. We’re falling over things at the moment.

But back to the deliveries – we got some great new things, which will be making their way onto the website slowly as we assemble photos and write descriptions – we’ll keep you posted. But in the meantime, we have a new giant friend, Rabbit the Frog, from our Bacladi/Dushi collection.

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