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Fall Formex!

Formex was held over the past four days in Stockholm – and it was really fun! I love walking through the halls, even the ones without toys. It is like being in an enormous store where you can’t really buy anything. Lots of ”eye candy” and none of the financial impact.
That said, we did find lots of new things for ABC Leksaker – new things for childrens’ rooms, new toys from our favorite suppliers, and fun things for the fall and for Christmas. Though it is a bit hard to think about Christmas when the weather is warm(ish) and the leaves are still on the trees, Formex makes sure you see some decorated trees, jultomtar, adventskalendrar and many other decorations! Everything should start coming in around October, so keep your eyes open!

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Rat-a-Tat Cat

Annika loves this game – probably because she can beat me every time. Somehow it takes a level of concentration that my 9-year-old has mastered, but I have not. You have to pay attention to your cards, and trade out to get the lowest score… but you don’t get to see what your cards are! You can only see what you have when you swap a card from the draw pile – but then you have to remember what it was, and where you put it.

The age recommendation is from 6 years, but you do have to be able to add and keep track of your score by yourself. Having four numbers in your head and keeping track of their sum… I would say 8 years would be better.

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