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I brought home Wig Out to give it a try, and it was a great success! The game is fast – no turns, just play as fast as you can to get rid of the cards in your hand. Christopher (age 5) had no problem keeping up with me and Annika. In fact, an even younger child could easily play – just a little help would be needed to keep score. The pictures are funny and colorful, which makes the matching even easier.

And yesterday afternoon, I discovered Benjamin and a 5-year-old neighbor playing Wig Out by themselves – a real plus!

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We are big fans of Blokus! It is a great game that meets my favorite game criteria: easy to learn but hard to master. And it is beautiful to look at. The rules are simple enough that even our resident 5-year-old can understand them. We thought that Blokus Trigon would be a new twist on an old favorite… which it was… but it was significantly more complicated. Using triangles instead of squares opens up a whole new ”dimension” of moves and makes it significantly harder to block an opponent. The game also comes with a built-in 3-person version (avoid the shaded outer row of triangles) which makes it easier to play with fewer than 4.

However, even I had a hard time getting the pieces placed correctly and found that making a mental picture of the board and where I could place my pieces was a LOT harder than in Blokus. Christopher (age 5) kept bumping other pieces when he placed his. Bottom line – a great game, and a significant challenge.

My recommendation would be to start with Blokus for younger children (5 and above) and try Blokus Trigon for older children and adults (10 and above).

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